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Poetry in Motion. 


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Annes x Cranker (Studios)

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Our Story

A phone call that ended at an untimely 3 AM between the (now) two founding partners, way back in 2011, is solely responsible for Cranker Studios. It has evolved since the early days, we’ve gone from 5 varied verticals back in the day, to consolidating it to 3 until a recent merger has pushed it back to the OG 5! 

Life’s come a circle, it seems like. And as always, we embrace it all.


Production House

We’ve produced TVCs, Documentaries, Docuseries, Corporate A/Vs, Short Films, heck we’ve even made a handful of Wedding Stories. We’ve been instrumental in making a couple of Feature Films too. If it requires a passionate crew who knows a thing or two about making moving images and weaving meaningful stories, there’s a very good chance, that we are, what you seek.   



We help and build Brands by using Advertising and/or Public Relations to do so. We design, strategize and conjure creative solutions that not only push the creative boundaries but nail the brief, each time. One of our founding tenets of this vertical is rather simple, create value for stakeholders.  

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Design Studio

Where dreams come alive! Where we know not of limitations. A happy space where honest designs speak a language of their own and aid in bringing varied visions to reality from the confines of a humble paper onto a sophisticated screen until it sees the light of the day bringing about much joy. 

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We bring your imaginations to life. An entity that’s been weaving magic with entropy all around. An event management company, that’s bound only by your ability to imagine. We count 6 core pillars that use our innate ability to conjure magic whilst using our innovation and enterprise. We began this sojourn in 2014 by orchestrating some of the better events in the live entertainment and corporate spaces.

6 core pillars



Product Launches

Activations and Exhibitions

Rewards and Recognitions, Employee Engagement Events

Carnivals and Celebrations

Annes X Cranker


One comes across few instances in life that becomes no-brainers, Annes X Cranker (Studios)’ merger is one such very instance. It seemed so natural, an organic progression if you must, from having worked together on several projects that we could see just how aligned we were to each other’s vision whilst thriving on the uniqueness and the differences between us. A win-win, if there ever was one.  

Haave You Met Us ?

CO-FOUNDER & cinematographer

Niran Chander S

Niran Chander is the Managing Partner who Heads the Production House vertical. He’s a (Director of Photography) Cinematographer with 3 Feature Films, a plethora of Ad-shoots, Commercials, TVCs, Documentaries, Docu-Series, Commissioned Projects, and plenty more under his belt. He’s an alumnus of Asia’s first-ever Film and Television Training Institute.

Co-founder & Communication expert


Chaithanya J Krishnaraju is the Founding Partner who Heads the Design Studio and Communications verticals of the firm. He’s an alumnus of IIMC with a PGD in Advertising and Public Relations. He walks the tightrope between Heading Marketing and/or Communications vertical


Arul Govan

Arul Govan is someone who waltzes and dances to his own tunes and the rhythms of his universe, like no one’s watching. When he’s not doing that, he’s bringing the roof down with his alacrity and electric capabilities in making dreams come alive on stage and producing some of the glitziest of events in this part of the world. He’s one-half of Annes Studios’ foundry.

Sound Engineer

Ram kumar

Ram is the resident Sound Engineer (Extraordinaire). When not found traveling the world on various assignments that swing between Cricket World Cups and concerts of great repute, he’s engaged in bettering his craft and/or finds himself ensconced in the familiar environs of a movie theatre. He is also an alumnus of Asia’s first-ever Film and Television Training Institute.



Pumesh is the Creative Director of Cranker Studios’ Design Studio; the man wields his brush like a Sensei and is equally known for his unhurried pace and a certain eerie sense of calm. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the country’s very first university outside the realm of the erstwhile British.



Manasa Rangan is ‘the calm’, before and after every storm, she’s the better half (Co-Founder) of Annes Studios, quite literally. An engineer who has worked her fair share in corporations only to give it all up to become the self-starter of all things meaningful like few else out there. She’s adept at client servicing and customer relations, whilst being a kick-ass and a one-of-a-kind ninja editor.

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”Dui te m civilis eodem qui M magnis eum in quae ab ante, hic quo dis. Magna per aut propositum – per esse utinam gordius.”


Mary D. Moreno

Office manager

”Dui te m civilis eodem qui M magnis eum in quae ab ante, hic quo dis. Magna per aut propositum – per esse utinam gordius.”


Christina Miller


”Dui te m civilis eodem qui M magnis eum in quae ab ante, hic quo dis. Magna per aut propositum – per esse utinam gordius.”


Doug Quinones

USLA Student

Vel id v fatalis earum dis D hostem nec te quos ab fuga, est mus est. Eodem cum dis publicarum – hac modo capita viscera a pericula risus est nam honorem.”


Lowell Lambert

Local Radio Host

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